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Venerdì, 10 settembre 2004

Sergio Marelli, chairman of the Associazione Ong italiane, says: «We will not leave Iraq». Italian no profit organizations have 3.000 people in Africa, Asia and South America. Eight organizations have people in Iraq. And after the kidnapping of two Italian women in Iraq, somebody thought that all volunteers should leave. «We will not go away. Helping in Iraq is the only way to help peace and to combat terrorism».

And that is exactly why terrorists have started to fight against the volunteers. They don't want peace. They want to control their people by fear. They don't want their people to deal with westerners.

It's a strategy that remembers something that we Italians know very well. Mafia would be called Sicilian Terrorism, nowadays.

But we didn't bomb Palermo to fight the Mafia.

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