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Martedì, 3 maggio 2005

Unclassified Us report about Calipari

Looking at Google News, one finds that not many international newspapers published the discovery by Gianluca Neri of the omissis in the Us report about the death of Calipari.

The Register has reported the fact:

The error was caused by the US military itself, which posted an unclassified version of the report on the internet as a PDF file with large chunks blacked out. However, the Pentagon had failed to save the file with the edit lines in place so a simple copy-and-paste of the document into a word processing application revealed the report in full.

All Italian newspapers have reported the fact. But not many Italian newspapers have quoted the source. It's a mistake. It means that they think at their public as an indifferentiated set of people, while they are different groups. And differences are also related to the group of informed and active citizens that blog. To aknowledge their existence and quote their names is to publish good news. Doing the opposite is not good journalism.

Other international newspapers that reported the fact:

Wired Bbc
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